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Rotterzrun is a zombie running business where people pay and book to do a 5km run through woodland whilst wearing a tag belt with 3 velcro pull tags attached, whilst being lead around the 5km course by our own runner people dressed and made up as zombies jump out and grab tags off the runners at certain points around the course.

On completing the run every runner receives a certificate, medal and bottle of water, any runner finishing with 3 lives intact then get invited to a winners run where they can run for free and see who is the best of the best later in the year.

There is also a sleepover event planned where people book to run on the Saturday and then camp in the woods overnight before being a zombie on the Sunday which will give the full experience.

Currently the runs take place in forestry commission woods/forests in the north of east of England ie. Chopwell Woods, Hamsterley Forest, Kielder Forest and Sronehaugh National Park, but have high interest from York, Teeside, Northampton and Glasgow.

As we have an agreement with the Forestry Commission we can use there land throughout the UK. At present people are travelling to the north east to take part from other parts of the uk..

Can you survive in the world of the undead outbreak? We will test your stamina and your brain power to the limit to see if you can cope with the apocalypse! Would you put your own life at risk to save someone else's from our flesh eating zombies?

Does using your brain work better than being fast on your feet?

Only time will tell!

Be prepared because terror Is your final destination when you book with Rotterz run


Zombie volunteers are also needed where make up will be supplied and applied free of charge. If your inerested in being part of team zombie please head over to the zombie page. :)

Thank you and stay safe

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